Beautiful Bengal kittens: Thanks for your interest in Rosette Bengal Kittens. We are a small home of pet lovers with special interest in Bengal Kittens located in Burlington Flat, NY 13315. We have been breeding Bengal Kittens for two decades following the lead of our vision Bearer Rosette. We are happy to inform you that for the last two decades, our kittens have found home and care all over the world.
All our kittens are hand raised. Our kittens live with adults, children and other pets. Our kittens are very well trained. One of our customers referred to our kittens as perfect pets. If you are in need for a kitten as a new member of your family, we welcome you to get a Bengal Kitten from us.
Beautiful Bengal kittens, Getting a kitten from us, you are sure of the following.

  • Healthy Kitteks
  • Fully vaccinated Kittens.
  • Well Potty trained, harness and leash trained kittens that are friendly with other cats dogs.