She’s a very sweet girl and has slept with me thru the night. She’s doing very well, eating, playing, etc. being a normal Kitten. She’s getting used to a crate off and on through the day, just to get her adjusted. She’s not been with, d any other catsogs or pets yet as I want to make sure she’s ok and it appears that she’s fine….just to be safe. Adopt Bengal Kittens online
Mrs. Kayla Shook
She’s a sweetheart seriously she’s everything I could have ever asked for! She likes coming for car rides and she likes being in my purse! We are best friend’s haha always together. She loves all dogs and cats and people! I can do everything I want! She lets me clean her ears, cut her claws, wash her! She’s perfection! She’s affectionate, hyper, smart, and pretty and the way she sleeps and crosses her paws when she sleeps, so cute. She even sleeps on her back!Adopt Bengal Kittens online
Samantha Heyes
Hi Rosette Just for You, just write you to tell you the kitten is awesome, my boyfriend send me a few videos and pics of the kitten and wow, he’s gorgeous, healthy, playful and a happy cat! We’re so happy with the kitten; my boyfriend is fascinated with him 🙂 We already recommend you with a friend of mine who is a veterinarian in Mexico, I’m sure he’ll buy a Bengal from you and I hope in the near future, we’ll buy from you again 🙂 And one more time, thank you so, so much for everything! Take care,Have a great day!
Chris and Jane Camila
I could not be more pleased about my experience with Rosette Just for You. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and enthusiastically answered all of the questions I had regarding my 2 boys. I received many photos and videos of my kittens prior to meeting them for the first time. She provided me with a well-organized binder of their records, photos on a USB and a special new kitten package for each one. Both boys are very well socialized, even vacuuming does not send them running for cover! It is obvious they are used to being handled and pre-spoiled! Thank you! We love our boys.
Raymar AbucayLos Lunas
New Mexico
Rosette Bengal Kittens Firstly, I will like to tell the world that Rosette Bengal Kittens is the best place to get a kitten. I am so in love with my Kitten (Egan).You are Wonderful people and beautiful, healthy Kittens, Great people and great communication, smooth and stress free process. After much research we found your website. The web site was very informative and the pictures of the Kittens were wonderful. At first, we knew it was an end to our search, but upon further thought we decided to get two cats, so that they would have someone to play with when we had to leave the house but unfortunately only Egan was left. We are waiting for your next litter so anxiously. If you are in the market for a new addition to the family and you do not want to carry a baby for nine months, look to Rosette Bengal Kittens.
Joseph Huckabee Brooklyn
Adopt Bengal Kittens online, I purchased a female kitten that I found on your site 10 months ago. When I searched through the site, I actually had no intention to get a kitten, I was just looking at kittens’ pictures and was curious about the prices – I already had 2 adult cats I was happy with; when I saw my future girl and her siblings- I absolutely fell in love with them. I chose one and contacted Wendy next morning; after talking with them I had a feeling I can trust them with the transaction and 2 weeks later I had my little Nicole arriving in Weymouth. She is a beautiful and charming creature, full of energy and love for her human mother; she interacts well with my other cats and anyone who comes to the house, which tells me she came from a good household. I told myself before I don’t need more cats until I saw Nicole and fell in love with her and I am so happy now that I got her and very grateful to Rosette Bengal Kittens for making it happen.
Rebecca McCarthy
Weymouth Ma.
Adopt Bengal Kittens online, I picked up Putin in June of 2019. Rosette Bengal Kittens were nice enough to bring him to the airport for me. I really didn’t know what to expect, I had seen pictures via the website and some other videos they had sent me. When I saw him, and how little he was, it took my breath away. He was absolutely gorgeous! We spent the next couple of hours together waiting for the flight home. Right away I believe we bonded, it really was love at first sight. When we arrived home he was introduced to my other three Kittens. He definitely has a mind of his own and energy that goes on and on! He fetches gets up and on anything he wants – recently my new kitchen cabinets! I find him on the refrigerator, top of the dresser, on the shelf in the dining room everywhere he shouldn’t be. He has been an amazing animal to watch grow and see his personality develop. He is so intelligent. After owning a Bengal Cat we can’t imagine having any other type of cat after this. Our only regret is not getting one a long time ago. We had no idea what we were missing out on, he is pure Joy.
Christopher Nguyen
Santa Barbara, CA
I am thankful every day that I chose to get my little love muffin from Rosette Bengal Kittens. You are amazing kitty caregiver and provides the most healthful and loving environment for all of your cats. I could not have asked for a better adoption experience and best of all you guys are caring, accessible, and very knowledgeable. You answered all of my questions thoroughly with extreme patience and kindness. You gave me the best kitten I could have ever imagined in health, beauty, and temperament .When I am ready to add another Bengal Kitten, Julia will be the first person I turn to. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering a Kitten to share my wonderful experience.
Samira Chan
Atlanta, GA